How to Measure 2 Car Garage Dimensions

2 Car Garage Dimensions

Measurement is the important aspect before making car garage and deciding its dimension. Another important thing to be considered is how many cars you want to put in the garage. If you intended to make garage for single car, then you can make space 10 inches x 20 inches or 15 inches x 20 inches to make it more spacious. However, it then still depend on the size of the car you owned too. It is better to give extra spaces for garage, in case you want to change your car with the bigger one in the future. This basic concept should applied even for 2 Car Garage Dimensions too.

2 Car Garage Dimensions

If you plan to build garage for two cars, the first thing to do for measuring 2 Car Garage Dimensions is by measuring the size of car. The common dimension used for two cars garage is 20 inches x 20 inches. However, it might fit to small car and doesn’t have big spaces to move around the garage. Then, to make it bigger, you can apply 24 inches x 24 inches for the garage dimension. It will fit the car perfectly even for any types of cars, included the big sized car. This dimensions still give you enough space in the front back to store some mechanical items and to move around.

It is important to give extra space when measuring for 2 Car Garage Dimensions, to prevent from car crashing and enable passenger to get down from car easily. The space might ease you to drop in or drop off items from car too. Then it is better to have 24” x 24” garage dimensions. However, you should also determine the space of your house too. Garage not must always in square shape, but can make it as rectangle shape, in example with 20” x 24” dimensions.

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