Mexican Bird of Paradise Plant for Garden

Mexican Bird Of Paradise

Mexican Bird of Paradise Plant is kind of beautiful plant to decorate the garden. However, the fact that it is hard to grow and raise it, make people demotivate to grow it in their garden. Even so, you can still try to grow it in the correct way, as your hard work will be paid when it is bloomed with flower. Some people often mistaken this species with red bird of paradise. Like its name, red bird of paradise is red, while the Mexican bird is yellow when it bloom. As this originate is from tropical country, then this plant will bloom during summer, and will grow better in tropical climates.

Mexican Bird Of Paradise

In growing Mexican Bird of Paradise Plant, you should choose the best place for it to grow, where it can exposed with the sun. Do not place it around moldy, wet or cold area. If you live in colder area, it is better to grow it on the pots or on the container. Mind also the size of pots and container you chose, as this plant can grow until 16 feet height and width. Therefore, it is better to put the pots or container on the open air. Use the well-draining soil and do not water it too much. Enough for a day once. Especially for winter, you better place it on the terrace and not in open air area, and water it once per two or three days. In addition, you should add fertilizer mixed in the soil, to make it grow faster.

Compared to other plants, Mexican Bird of Paradise Plant is indeed need more care. However, your work will be paid once it has bloomed. It will decorate your garden beautifully with its bright color, and the big size of it. According to its size, this plant might not be suitable for small sized garden, especially if the garden is surrounded by high fencing garden which block the sun shines supply.

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