Tree of Life Drawing for House Decorations

Tree of Life Drawing is often used for house decorations. It is because the value and the meaning beyond its drawing can make people feel more peace in the house. The meaning of tree of life is similar to the physical or human body. Human should keep and treat its physics to gain the benefit from it. It is likened with tree which is raised well and get watered everyday… Read More »

How to Measure 2 Car Garage Dimensions

Measurement is the important aspect before making car garage and deciding its dimension. Another important thing to be considered is how many cars you want to put in the garage. If you intended to make garage for single car, then you can make space 10 inches x 20 inches or 15 inches x 20 inches to make it more spacious. However, it then still depend on the size of the… Read More »

Twin XL Bed Frame for Small Room

Having small room means that you can’t store many items as much as you wished. However, many contemporary interior designs have provided furniture which can applied for storing items. One of them is bed with drawer in beneath. This kind of bed is suitable to be installed in room with small size, as you can store many items in the drawer under the bed. The bed can be in any… Read More »

Things to Notice before Finding Fence Companies Near Me

If you are planning to install fence, first thing to do is not finding Fence Companies Near Me, but you should know what are the types of fence you wished to install. In addition, before choosing one type of fence, you should measure the space for fence and adjust the type with the house design. It should be considered whether you want to install it for backyard or front house.… Read More »

What are Parts of a Door Jambs

Most of house owner might often heard door jambs, however what are the explanation for door jamb? Simply explaining, door jamb can be mean for door frame which is one of Parts of a Door, where hinges are attached to the door. Then, what are other parts of it? Firstly, it is called as head. Just like in body part, which head is located on the top of body, head… Read More »

Reviews for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans is one best brand for ceiling fans. Harbor Breeze provides customer with many variants of ceiling fans. Except for classic style, the brand also launched twin ceiling fans, and so on. It provides many design which some of the ceiling lamp had the ceiling lamp in between. It add the function of ceiling fans, for both giving breeze and also illuminate the room. One of the… Read More »

What is Coverlet for Bed

Many people might think that bed only consist of pillow and blanket. However, bed is not that simple, as it have other terms which used for each material. Those are like duvet cover, coverlet, bedskirt, bolster, euroshams, and pillowcase. Euroshams is similar to pillow but have bigger size. It often used as the head support when person want to read book or playing with their laptop on the bed. It… Read More »

What is the size of King Size Platform Bed

The size of King Size Platform Bed is usually 160cm x 200 cm. This kind of bed mostly used for main room like for parent and for couple room. The bed is intended for two people sleeping on it. Basically, the original of this king size bed was made of wood as the support. However, it is now have been developed with the different material made for it. In some… Read More »

Things to Know before Setting Pole Barn House Plans

Pole Barn House Plans is typically simple house made of wood and aluminum panels. In the past, barn house used for farmer to store their farming and harvested materials. Simply saying, besides for living, the house is invented for storing items. One thing that differ this house from other houses is that it didn’t use any foundation. Houses need foundation to make the building strong and can stand over the… Read More »

Thing to Watch before Installing Kids in Sandbox in the House

Most of kids loved to play on the sands like in the beach. Building castle or playing such housewarming with sands can develop the brain of kids as they create their own imagination. Playing with sands must not always in the beach, as now there is a product namely Kids in Sandbox which you can install at the backyard of your house. It then will satisfy your kids and they… Read More »