Twin XL Bed Frame for Small Room

Twin XL Bed Frame

Having small room means that you can’t store many items as much as you wished. However, many contemporary interior designs have provided furniture which can applied for storing items. One of them is bed with drawer in beneath. This kind of bed is suitable to be installed in room with small size, as you can store many items in the drawer under the bed. The bed can be in any size from single size, king size, and twin bed size. If you want to make the last concept, then you should make Twin XL Bed Frame by yourself or measuring the size you want before searching the suitable bed to fit in the room.

Twin XL Bed Frame

First thing to make Twin XL Bed Frame is measuring the size of the bed. For the length size, common bed frame sized for 2 meters. Then for the width, it can be adjusted to the room size. It can be around 1 until 1,5 meter. Then for the twin bed, it is placed as sliding bed under the main bed. In measuring the height, make sure you leave some spaces under the sliding bed for drawer installation. The drawer size can be adjusted to the items which you want to store. If it is intended for big item like trunk, then you can also not making any drawer but change it with space which will fit to trunk size.

Another Twin XL Bed Frame is in the type of single king bed. This type is designed for two people, and you do not need to install sliding bed under the main bed. Then, it might have more spaces under the bed which can be used for storing item. That is the effective way to optimize the space in small room for storing item. In that way, you won’t need extra cabinet in the room for storing your cloths, as all of it already placed in the drawer under the bed.

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